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How Sprinklers Work - 1 Minute Animation

This one minute animated video show exactly how a fire sprinkler works. This video was supplied courtesy of Eurosprinkler. CLICK HERE

Building Service Contractors, General Builders & Plumbers

Where and how to use fire sprinkler systems to grow your company and develop client potential CLICK HERE

Developers, Builders, Self-Build & Loft Conversion Specialists

How to use fire sprinkler systems to maximize the profit potential & fire safety of your developments CLICK HERE

Architects & Building Services Consultants

How to use fire sprinkler systems to maximize the profit potential & fire safety of your clients' developments CLICK HERE

Fire Sprinklers... How They Work

Home fire sprinklers are technologically very advanced, but the basic way they work is very simple. Fire sprinklers have no moving parts and act simply as a water plug that releases at a particular temperature. Here is a short animated movie you can download for your own use, that explains the workings of home fire sprinklers. This video was supplied courtesy of HFSC. CLICK HERE

Shocking Video... How People Die In Fires

This is one of the most shocking and educational videos you will ever see regarding the destructive nature of fire.  Keep watching the counter as the video plays.  It’s on the top left.  See the difference in a burning house with children with and without a fire sprinkler.  This video was supplied courtesy of HFSC. 

Trevor McDonald Does Major Feature On Fire Sprinklers On National TV

One of our best know broadcasters featured the benefits of fire sprinklers on National TV.  This new segments includes dramatic side by side burnings of 2 flats.  You’ll also see exactly how sprinklers work in residential properties.   CLICK HERE

How Much Water... Sprinkler Or Fire Hose... Watch This Surprising Demonstration

Fire hoses, on average, use more than 8 1/2 times the water that sprinklers do to contain a fire.  According to the Scottsdale Report, a 15-year study of fire sprinkler effectiveness, a fire sprinkler uses, on average, 341 gallons of water to control a fire. Firefighters, on average, use 2,935. Reduced water damage is a major source of savings for homeowners. This video was supplied courtesy of HFSC.  CLICK HERE  

Living With A Fire Fighter 24/7

The Fresno, CA Fire Department produced this Public Service Announcement that shows why living with fire sprinklers may be even better than having a fire fighter in your home.  There are two ways to have a firefighter in your home 24/7.  This is not the option you want to choose.  This video was supplied courtesy of HFSC. CLICK HERE  

Protect What You Value Most

See the real live impact of fire on real families. We all think it will never happen to us... and these families thought the same thing. You'll also see what the physical installation of a sprinkler looks like. Many of the myths of fire sprinklers are debunked with compelling research. At minute 6 of the video... note what happens to a house that catches fire... and what happens when the fire department put it out. Note the comparison with a fire sprinkler. This video was supplied curtsey of HFSC. CLICK HERE  

Fire Chiefs Call For Sprinklers In Scotland In The Face Of 26 Deaths And 750 Fire Related Injuries.

Listen as one woman calls the fire department from her bedroom with no window and no sprinkler as the rest of her flat burns. Watch the fire department burn 2 flats (one with sprinklers and one without). The results are shocking. This video was supplied courtesy of Eurosprinkler. CLICK HERE

Parallel Burn Test Video - One Sprinklered And One Not

This 60-second demonstration shows exactly what happens into 2 identical fires when one has sprinklers... and one does not.  This video was supplied courtesy of Eurosprinkler. CLICK HERE

What Happens When 2 Flats Are Set On Fire... One Sprinklered And One Not

Tayside Fire Department set 2 flats on fire in dramatic example of what happens in houses that have (and do not have) sprinklers. This video was supplied courtesy of Eurosprinkler. CLICK HERE

Weston-Super-Mare's Pier Fire. Fire Chief Says Sprinklers Would Had Prevented It Taking Hold So Quickly

The chief fire officer in charge of tackling the fire on Weston-super-Mare's pier has told the BBC that a sprinkler system would have prevented it taking hold so quickly.  This video was supplied courtesy of the BBC. CLICK HERE

Warwickshire Warehouse had no sprinklers... with Fatal consequences

The Warwickshire warehouse which caught fire had no sprinkler system installed, the plant director has confirmed.  The consequences were fatal.  This video was supplied courtesy of the BBC. CLICK HERE

Flats Burnt Is Safety Appeal

The fire service has set fire to two flats in Glasgow to demonstrate the effectiveness of sprinklers.  This video was supplied courtesy of the BBC.    CLICK HERE

Father Backs Sprinkler Campaign - 2 Bungalows Burnt In Demonstration

A father who lost both his sons in a house fire in Sussex is backing calls from the fire service for the increased use of sprinklers in homes.  He is supporting a campaign to persuade the government to make their installation in all new homes compulsory.  This video was supplied courtesy of the BBC. 

Studley Green makes history with residential fire sprinklers

Studley Green received national media coverage for their commitment to fire sprinklers in this development.  This video was supplied courtesy of the BBC.    CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: These videos are a combination of audio and video. If it does not play or you can't hear the audio, download the latest version of Adobe Flash HERE. Also, make sure your volume is turned up.
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