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Fire in the home is a very real prospect for us all, yet the majority of people fail to recognise the dangers of fire before it’s too late and an accident occurs with devastating effect. Between April 2009 and March 2010 there were 328 fatalities in England caused by fire, and accidental dwelling fires fatalities accounted for almost two thirds of all fire fatalities. With these statistics in mind it is imperative that we don’t ignore the dangers of fire in the home and implement an effective domestic fire installation to protect ourselves against a potentially horrific accident.

Domestic Fire Protection

Often people do take precautions to protect against fire, but these efforts are still not enough to fully protect a family. For example, most people are under the impression that the installation of smoke alarms will prevent loss of life and damage to property, but on analysis this isn’t the case. A smoke alarm alerts you to a fire but doesn’t prevent its rapid spread or protect anyone from burns or smoke inhalation. Fire extinguishers are a great domestic fire protection idea, but again, fire extinguishers are only useful if you can access them in time. What if the fire has already spread throughout the property, blocking access out of the home and restricting you from reaching the fire extinguishers? These are horrible thoughts, but thoughts we need to deal with in order to realise the best domestic fire installation method.

Domestic Fire Sprinklers

By far the most effective method of domestic fire protection is the installation of a fire sprinkler system. Domestic fire sprinklers activate when a certain level of heat is detected at ceiling level. The sprinklers then douse the fire with water, localising the fire and restricting the spread. Only sprinklers within close proximity to the fire will be activated, meaning water will only be present where the fire has engaged the home. Sprinklers provide automatic fire protection for your entire family and are the only proven method of saving lives when people become trapped in the home or when a fire breaks out in the middle of the night when occupants are sleeping.

Don’t Let the Nightmare of Fire Become Your Reality

No one wants to think about fire, death, third degree burns or even losing a child to fire, but these tragedies occur daily throughout the world. Even the most efficient fire service cannot save every life or every property from extensive damage.

Fire Fighter 24/7 is one of the UK’s leading Fire Protection companies. We have been protecting families from fire for over 15 years by providing effective sprinkler systems in homes all over the UK. We are fire safety experts with extensive knowledge of domestic fire installation. We are members of the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) and of the UK Fire Association. Our fire safety experts are trained to the highest level of qualification and remain poised to help you prevent fire and protect and family. Contact us today and ensure the nightmare of fire never becomes your reality.

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