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Sprinkler Systems

Installing a fire sprinkler system in your property will have numerous benefits in terms of fire protection and value. Fire sprinkler systems are the most efficient automatic fire suppression system out of all available fire systems on the market. Sprinkler systems are protecting and saving the lives of families, care home residents, school children, hotel guests, shop and office workers and hundreds of thousands of people across the UK everyday.

It is absolutely essential to protect your home, family and business. We recommend that everyone have fire sprinklers installed in any buildings of value.

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Benefits of Installing Fire Sprinklers

1. Saving Lives
Fire sprinklers eliminate the possibility of a person becoming trapped in a property and becoming overcome by smoke. Even without an escape route, a sprinkler system will clear a path for a trapped occupant by suppressing smoke and flames and extinguishing the fire. Fire sprinklers systems provide the ultimate in automatic fire protection and the suppression of lethal smoke particles.

2. Reducing the Risk of Death
By installing a fire sprinkler system along with regular smoke alarms on each level of your home, the risk of fire related death is reduced by 82% when compared with homes that have neither form of fire protection.

3. Reducing the Risk of Damage to Your Property
Fire sprinklers use only a fraction of the water used by the fire service when suppressing a fire, therefore minimising damage to your property.

4. A Cost Effective Fire Protection Solution
Fire sprinklers are an inexpensive way to protect your property and your family. A fire sprinkler system costs around 1% of the total building cost of a home - less than what you might pay for a new kitchen or bathroom!

5. Minimal Maintenance
Fire sprinkler systems only require minimal annual maintenance. Once or twice a year the sprinkler installation company will open the test valve to check the alarm operation.

6. Reducing Insurance Costs
Installing fire sprinklers in your home could save you up to 15% on your annual insurance premium. This is a sure indication that insurance companies understand just how proficient fire sprinkler systems are in combating fire.

7. Increasing the Value of Your Property
Fire sprinkler systems increase the value of your property by forming a more attractive purchase for potential buyers. A property with the ability to save lives and protect valuable property in the event of a fire will always be easier to sell.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

Fire Systems are an important but often neglected part of daily life. Wherever we work, shop, stay on holiday, visit the cinema or see a concert you can guarantee a fire system is at work. Why not ensure the same level of protection for your family while they sleep, eat, play and relax at home.
Eliminate the possibility of fire ruining your life by calling Firefighter 24/7 today and speaking with one of our fire systems experts about fire sprinkler systems. We have 15 years experience installing fire systems and will devise the most cost effective solution for your home whilst simultaneously maximising safety.



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