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Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Sprinklers

By far the most effective part of a fire protection system is the fire sprinkler. The reason for this is that sprinklers provide ‘active’ protection and do not rely on any other aspect of a fire system to be effective. Fire sprinklers comprise a stand alone fire protection system that can operate effectively alone – thus the reason fire sprinklers appear in both lists above. For example, in a domestic residence, the implementation of smoke alarms on each level of the building and outside each sleeping room, coupled with a fire sprinkler installation, would comprise a comprehensive fire protection system, whereas only installing smoke alarms and perhaps two fire extinguishers would not be effective enough to prevent extensive fire damage and loss of life.

In commercial premises, regardless of the level of structural fire protection in the building, fire sprinklers are more often than not built into the overall protection plan. Nearly all newly built commercial buildings include a fire sprinkler installation. The reason for a sharp rise in the popularity of fire sprinklers in recent years is due to a high life saving success rate – sprinklers put out on average 99.7% of all fires.

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Further Fire Protection Systems

A fire protection system, often referred to as a fire suppression system or passive fire protection system, is a combination of materials and methods developed to prevent the spread of fire and to stop fire causing irreparable damage to a building.

A fire protection system can be comprised of a number of protection methods:

  • Fire protection coating spray for electrical cables.
  • Fire, smoke and gas tight cable penetration seals.
  • Fire walls and floors.
  • Fireproofing: intumescent and cementitous coatings for interior and exterior structural steel.
  • Fire protection for incombustible pipes.
  • Fire protection for wood products.
  • Sealing systems for building joints.
  • High temperature resistant silicone coatings.
  • Fire protection sprinklers.
  • Dry risers.

In addition to these methods of protecting the structure of a building, there are a number of additional preventative methods that can be employed, often referred to as passive fire protection methods.

  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke alarms
  • Over head fire extinguishers
  • Standard mobile fire extinguishers
  • Foam fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire protection sprinklers

Commercial premises are more likely to include comprehensive structural protection as listed in the first section above, and also the majority of passive fire protection methods listed in the second section. Domestic residences may include fireproof doors and some structural protection, but for the most part will only implement aspects of the second list set out above. The single most effective protection against fire is the fire sprinkler - in the home or business.

Fire Protection System Experts

At Fire Fighter 24/7 we have been installing commercial and domestic fire sprinklers for over 15 years. We are responsible for the biggest residential sprinkler installation in Europe, found in 212 homes built by the West Wiltshire Housing Association in Trowbridge. We have also installed and maintain installations for an extensive list of commercial clients. For free advice and a no obligation consultation, drop us a message today and we will call you back.

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