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Automatic Fire Suppression May Save Your Life

The problem with standard fire safety measures is that they require man power assistance to ensure effectiveness. Even the automatic smoke alarm and fire alarm still require someone to extinguish the fire once it has started. So, at this point, a person may reach for an extinguisher or a fire blanket, but this is highly problematic, and in a number of cases very dangerous. When a fire breaks out the last thing you want to do is hang around, even though you might be compelled to save your belongings. Automatic fire suppression cannot be achieved by implementing standard fire safety measures. In fact, even fire proof doors, flooring and windows only contain fire to a particular temperature for a specific amount of time – they do not actually put out the fire. So, if someone becomes trapped by fire or overcome by smoke, these methods do not provide automatic fire protection, merely an alert and measurable containment.

Automatic Fire Suppression

To suppress a fire effectively, to the point of safety - which ultimately means extinguishment - a method of automatic fire suppression is needed that doesn’t require the activation or assistance of man power in any way. The only fire safety discipline that can offer this is automatic fire sprinklers. Automatic fire sprinklers provide ‘live’ protection. This means that as soon as a fire is detected, the sprinkler nearest to the fire will activate and extinguish the fire before smoke penetrates the building and flames break out further. Fire sprinklers use less water than the hoses of the fire service and only sprinklers within the proximity of heat will activate to release water. In short, this means far less damage to your property. Having fire sprinklers installed in your home or commercial premises is the equivalent of employing a 24 hour fireman, without having to pay the salary. There is no better way to protect your home, family, workplace and employees. 99.8% of fires can be compartmentalised and extinguished effectively by fire sprinklers.

Installing Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are a cost effective solution to fire safety and, in the modern day, affordable for both domestic and commercial property. Fire sprinklers save lives and prevent injury every day. Coupled with an effective smoke alarm set up, automatic fire sprinklers will allow occupants to vacate premises without for one moment thinking of running back inside to save belongings or trying to extinguish the fire manually. Even a trapped occupant will be saved when the sprinklers douse the fire with water and eliminate the danger immediately.

Need Expert Sprinkler Advice?

If you would like to discuss the installation of automatic fire protection in your home or in your workplace, then give us a call today and speak to one of our highly trained fire safety experts. We have over 40 years combined experience in automatic fire protection and can offer you free advice on the most appropriate fire safety solution for your property. Contact FireFighter 24/7 today for professional advice.

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